heat rating guide

heat rating guide

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‘heat rating guide’


Chilli - ‘mild’

the emphasis here is very much on ‘flavour’ rather than ‘spice’ - Great Grandma will definitely be happy with this!
(‘Curry House Equivalent’: Korma / Tikka Masala)   

ChilliChilli - ‘sultry’

if you like a bit of pepper on your food, you’ll be more than happy with this! spicy undertones but still very approachable
(‘Curry House Equivalent’: Bhuna / Dopiaza / Dhansak) 

ChilliChilliChilli - ‘spicy’

okay, getting a wee bit more serious now! expect a fair kick although still very acceptable to the average ‘spice-aware’ palate
(‘Curry House Equivalent’: Rogan Josh / Jalfrezi) 

ChilliChilliChilliChilli - ‘explosive!’

the stakes are raised now! ideal for those who like a big kick with their food
(‘Curry House Equivalent’: Madras) 

ChilliChilliChilliChilliChilli - ‘volcanic!'

lives up to its billing! approach with caution, 'chilli-heads' & spiceaholics only!
(‘Curry House Equivalent’: Vindaloo / Phal) 

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