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The Seasoned Pioneers Aim

Seasoned Pioneers aim is to discover, source and bring to you the finest, authentic seasonings from each corner of the globe. Spices, chillies, herbs, specialist seasonings and spice blends are vital to truly capture the distinctive essence of each world cuisine, bringing a whole host of diverse flavours to your cooking. By making such authentic seasonings available, together with detailed information about their flavour as well as recipe & usage ideas, we aim to enable you to explore worldwide cuisine and so be a source of culinary inspiration in your kitchen.

the company:

Seasoned Pioneers - The CompanySeasoned Pioneers, founded in 1999, is an innovative company rapidly gaining recognition as the expert in authentic and specialist seasonings. Highly commended by many leading food writers and chefs, the company was set-up by Mark Steene, whose interest in seasonings was first sparked during worldwide travels:
- When I returned from travelling, I found that it was very difficult to buy the seasonings and blends I had used while I was abroad. Having the finest flavours from authentic spices really does make a difference to cooking ? whether you want to create a certain dish or if you?re just experimenting. I wanted to share what I had learned, and hoped that by making these exciting authentic seasonings widely available that I would also offer inspiration to others.


the seasonings:

Seasoned Pioneers bring you an incredibly extensive and innovative range of over 200 of the finest, authentic spices, chillies, herbs, specialist seasonings and spice blends, including many organic. These are carefully selected from specific suppliers all around the globe enabling you to achieve -

ultimate flavourultimate flavour

For ultimate flavour the authenticity of the seasonings is vital, as co-owner Matt Webster explains: - We insist on genuine seasonings from the very finest sources and only use traditional production methods. We hand blend and dry-roast all of our spice blends to authentic recipes, with no compromises. The result is an intensity of flavour that makes a real difference to your cooking.

gourmet convenience

gourmet convenienceGourmet results really can be achieved very easily and quickly. For example, our spice blends, which consist of up to fifteen ingredients carefully selected, dry-roasted and blended to authentic recipes, are easy-to-use rounded packages of flavour. There are many ways in which the blends and seasonings can be used to enhance your cooking - from sprinkling into stir-fries, dressings, marinades, soups and stews to using as a simple rub for meat or vegetables before grilling and barbecuing.

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